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    10/21/2016 · #ScienceMustFall is a hashtag mocking a movement to abolish the scientific method and replace it with a new understanding of scientific inquiry. The ...

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    60-Year-Old Girl is an advice animal image macro series featuring a photograph of a young girl with a short haircut and large glasses. The captions typically contain ...

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    It seems everyone has a story to tell or advice to give about a friend who travelled or something they did (often long-ago when the world was very different place).

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    4/16/2015 · Thursday, Apr 16, 2015 11:00 PM UTC I feel like I die more every day: The bed death of sexless marriage is real, and its heartbreaking

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    The concept behind a power-exchange relationship is based in respect and the earnest desire to be a positive, healthy, mate. Pain, degradation, and humiliation are ...

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